Our collaborative approach allows us to become a natural extension of the developer’s team.

We put the relationship side of business first. We’re different from most other firms, in that you will always have direct access to our senior team. The people you first meet, will be the same people that will work on your project. We’re involved every step of the way, to ensure your project is a success. It’s the most important part of what we do. Be respectful. Listen intently. Anticipate issues. Strive to make meaningful connections. We believe when we put relationships above all else, in every instance, everyone wins.

We start every introduction with an open, collaborative discussion about what your return on investment requirements are, your short term and long term goals for the company and the metrics that will define what success looks like for your team. This leads into our organization phase:


In the organization phase, we work closely with the stakeholders of the project to establish clear goals and a well-rounded vision. This is also the phase where the critical success factors are established. We use our extensive knowledge to review and validate various aspects of a project; to determine the ideal product type and mix. This stage also involves establishing the target markets and the preliminary pricing strategy. More specifically, the Organization Phase includes the following components and activities:

Concept Development involves assisting your team in defining the real estate offering and positioning the project. This includes exploring target markets, exploring product design, establishing initial pricing models and revenue and absorption forecasts.

This stage includes a number of intense collaborative Strategy Sessions; with your team informing, enhancing and approving each step of the way. This includes leveraging consumer and market data to refine project goals. Define phasing, pricing, product release and much more.

Our team will work closely with the approved creative agency to produce all of the required marketing and sales tools. Timely creative sessions will be conducted, to establish the direction for the materials to be created and utilized throughout the performance phase.


When the project is organized, our focus will shift gears to the Performance Phase.

The Performance Phase is all about one thing – RESULTS. The optimal achievement of results, requires a highly disciplined and focused coordination of actions and activities in two related areas: Marketing and Sales. The Performance Phase includes the following components and activities:

Marketing Performance entails effectively and efficiently managing and operating the marketing and sales function of the project; systematically measuring and evaluating performance and recommending and implementing real time course adjustments and/or adaptations.

Sales is about results. Sales Performance involves assembling, training, high performance coaching and rewarding a focused and dedicated Sales Team to achieve or exceed sales targets. This also includes producing sales reports, maintaining the project database and contract administration.

Throughout the entire sales process, our approach on managing prospects is fine tuned to make every marketing dollar count. Our hands on approach in managing each prospect in customer relationship management (CRM), also creates a smooth transition from sales to possession date.

Charan and the Oakwyn team have a hands on approach which was instrumental cutting the previously set marketing budget in half, tripling our monthly absorption, and increasing the overall project value.

Hardeep Bassi | Principal

Bassi Properties