As a full service project marketing company, Oakwyn Marketing is typically engaged at the outset of the development process. We leverage our extensive knowledge to review and validate projects under consideration. We work collectively with the development team to determine what product to build and how to best market and sell it. More specifically, our services include:


The most troubling thing we hear from developers revolves around performance in project sales and marketing. The budget is always available to properly sell the project, yet the results don’t seem to be consistent. We think the same way. We believe that accurately marketing the dollar spent, will yield better results. This is something we strive for through our process.

When assessing investment opportunities for a new development, the key to success is having the right balance between the location and product mix. Our network of industry professionals are leveraged for selecting the right site, that is in line with your growth strategy. Our professionals can assist you in staying on track for the targeted ROI by working through the various stages in acquiring the right property; from feasibility studies, land assembly to permit application stages.

This stage involves working with the architects to ensure that the project not only looks great, but lines up with current market demands. We review all aspects of the project design with the architectural firm and provide experienced insight, so that it will be received well, once it is introduced to the market.

Creating the right floor plan can take many revisions in order to utilize every single square foot. Our process is geared towards developing efficient homes that not only appeal to the target market, but add value to the bottom line. The right unit mix and efficient layouts become apart of the client’s competitive advantage.


Years of experience in project marketing has refined the Oakwyn Marketing process. Over that same time, technology has grown tremendously. Putting the two together makes for one heck of a team. The technology we leverage keeps our team accountable to the defined marketing and sales strategies.

The needs and wants of the market are constantly changing, population trends, land constrains and economic factors all play a role in what the market wants and what developers need to build. Expertise and resources are utilized to prepare and react to various market conditions.

Every project takes on a personality of its own. The brand should be recognizable, quickly familiar and be an accurate representation of the project. We tailor our approach to include all stakeholders in this process; to ensure we produce a strong, well rounded brand.

Buyers and realtors often judge new projects based on the history of the developer and their reputation. Typically, it is not the reputation that needs improving, but the positioning. Let’s present your brand to be a selling feature of the new project.

Throughout the entire sales process, our approach on managing prospects is fine tuned to make every marketing dollar spent count. Our hands on approach in managing each prospect in the sales cycle and customer relationship management system, ensures accurate reporting on the sales funnel process. This also allows a smooth transition from the sale to the possession date.


At Oakwyn Marketing, we understand that market conditions are given to developers and the road to a successful project is paved with change. Our team is known for innovative and fresh viewpoints, tactical and creative thinking, which results in adaptive sales strategies for our clients. We select industry-leading sales professionals, who have an unparalleled will to win, which in turn, results in added value to the developer’s bottom line.  

Pricing is critical in positioning the project to be inline with the market. Inaccurate pricing can both turn away prospects and fail to maximize the project’s profitability. We develop a comprehensive pricing strategy based on distinct target market profiles, market indicators and in-depth competitive analysis. .

Over the course of the sales and marketing program, the market is always changing. New trends along with the prospect’s needs and desires or direct competition entering the market, can disrupt the product offerings. These two, along with other potential risks, require a mitigation and contingency plan that can counteract unforeseen changes in the marketplace.

The launch of a new project is an exciting time and the first impression is very important. The initial marketing messaging and utilizing community connections, will produce high visitor traffic and a significant base of new prospects. The sales process is defined in specific stages of a sales funnel. Our extensive sales training focuses on each phase, to ensure optimal results.

Bill Szeto is a sales master. Not only is Bill experienced and knowledgeable, he is a true gentleman, likeable and always a pleasure to deal with.

Rod Wilburn | Senior VP of Sales & Marketing

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